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Loads Training

The movement of inanimate objects e.g. moving boxes, furniture, going shopping, loading motor vehicles, work equipment.

Office Ergonomics

Understanding the office / workspace setup. 

Understanding the home office / workspace setup.

Person Moving

Moving people to assist in completing daily movement functions and equipment use.

Vehicle Loads

Loading cars and small commercial vehicles safely.

Patient Emergency

It is the duty of care for all service providers to ensure that the service provider has trained staff in Patient evacuation training.


When moving Clients / patients its important to be familiar and trained in the safe use of equipment.

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Move safe manual handling is a company that was founded to provide advisory support and practical support in the safety of moving people who are not necessarily in a position to move themselves. Understanding a person's wishes and needs is very complex when it comes to moving and functioning to perform basic tasks. This business is designed to offer training and support services to employers, employees, families, education providers, schools and businesses.


Target audiences that may require assistance with mobility and care include: Aged care sector, Disability Sector, Schools and service providers.

Compliance Support

Compliance support – I can assist in the development of policies and procedures when developing a manual handling program to suit organisational requirements. An in depth manual handling risk assessment can be completed to support and highlight gaps in your organisation.

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